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An absolutely wonderful concert


Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple 09/17/2010

I REMEMBER, many moons ago, when working on a musical magazine the late great Sir Thomas Beecham saying to his orchestra: "Make a good start, grab their attention and be sure to finish together." Then waspishly he added: "What happens in between won't be remembered."
However everything about this concert will be fondly remembered by an enthralled audience, who were quite rapturous in their applause.
Special mention must of course be made of the brilliant young violin virtuoso Jacob Junek. His performance even gaining calls of "Bravo!" (not often heard at the Queen's).
In short, he is a quite unbelievable talent and his beautiful treatment of the delightful Mendelssohn violin concerto in E Minor, Op. 64 brought the house down.
I, for one, have heard nothing better for many a year. Here's a player who could make Three Blind Mice resemble a classic.
This Czech orchestra and soloist were quite brilliant. An absolutely wonderful concert!

John Harvey / September 30, 2010