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Prague Proms International Music Festival (CT24)


Conductor sitting on director´s seat and conducting symphony orchestra, while The Pink Panther is creeping by at Smetana Concert Hall of Prague Municipal House - such scene can´t be seen very often during classical music concerts. But exactly such scenes are typical for PRAGUE PROMS INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL. "...

 Wonderful experience - that´s what such festival should be about. The visitors are relaxed, the orchestra too, and we are playing beautiful music well known to the audience. That is the moment at which we can afford to let Pink Panther into the hall." says Maestro Marcello Rota. The concert series of the festival is typical for its informal atmosphere. Such similar scenes were offered to the audience also at Hollywood Night. "The choice of beautiful and renowned film melodies was important. So, we introduced works of Mozart, Bernstein, Gershwin, Williams, Webber or Morricone...“

Petra Schubertová