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The review of concerts in Australia


Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Australia.

"Andrea Bocelli accompanied by the world renowned Czech National Symphony Orchestra on the tour in Australia, advertising boards across Australia were announcing since the beginning of winter. What a specific thing, I thought to myself. Czech music ensemble travels with the Italian singer at the other end of the world to perform in huge sports halls in local major cities, which have their own famous symphonic orchestras. I confess I was looking forward to the Czech musicians indeed.  I could not have imagined that these performances would fill the capacities of such halls as Acer Arena in Sydney, Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne or Vector Arena in Auckland. The ticket price ranged between 900 dollars for the seats where you can enjoy a concert very well and 140 dollars for the space under the roof of the stadium.

When I found that the entire tour is organized by a newcomer on the scene of Australian producers, only twenty six years old promoter Craig McMahon, my curiosity even increased. 

Andrea Bocelli took a fancy to the CNSO already six years ago, as he was seeking alternative orchestra for the London Symphony Orchestra for the concert in Munich at that time. Conducted by outstanding Italian conductor Marcello Rota this successful performance was since then followed by a number of prestigious concerts with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra around the world .

Quite pertinently their appearance was described  by Perth press, which refers to the accompanying orchestra as "sometimes sassy" meaning probably vigorous and lively. Musicians did not only seem to be perfectly and precisely coordinated, but also supplied the concert with a glance. Besides classical repertoire, the orchestra also played Nino Rota´s famous film tunes from the movies Amarcord and The Godfather.

 The entire concert moved in the spirit of genre  diversity.  Bocelli´s team of accompanying singers - baritone Gianfranco Montresor and soprano Paola Sanguinetti - were masters in their own right. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was home grown singer Tina Arena who achieved the greatest response.

Capable young tour organiser Craig McMahon made a right bet. In Australia, one can find in addition to sport oriented fans a large number of spectators eager for quality and exalting cultural experience, regardless of age, origin, price or venue. And such experience was the August concerts of Andrea Bocelli and the Czech National Symphony Orchestra in Australia and New Zealand. Bravo!

Barbara Semenov