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    SU 7126-2

    Price:  350 CZK
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    PROSO / CD and DVD

    The first and only concert performance of the famous tunes "borrowed" by other composers from Jára Cimrman

    Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Libor Pešek - conductor

    Adriana Kohútková (soprano), Tomáš Černý (tenor), Miloň Čepelka (tenor buffo)
    Zdeněk Svěrák (cello), Petr Brukner (cymbals), Robert Bárta (violin)

    Lecture by Zdeněk Svěrák, Miloň Čepelka, Petr Brukner, and Robert Bárta
    Director: Jan Svěrák

    Recorded in the Municipal House, Prague, July 13th 2013
    Produced in collaboration with Czech TV and Star Works by:
    Biograf Jan Svěrák for © Smoljak-Svěrák s. r. o. , 2013.
    P+© 2013 Supraphon

    OUT 001

    Price:  199 CZK
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    Jan Hasenöhrl / CD

    La Parada

    Jan Hasenöhrl - trumpets
    Lukáš Chejn - el. guitars
    Milan Svoboda - piano
    Tomáš Uhlík - bass
    Camilo Caller - percussion
    Martin Plachý - altsax

    Recorded in CNSO Studio No. 1 - Gallery
    Mix: M. Berquist, O. Bashiri & St. Baroch
    in Dreamstate studio, Stockholm
    Mastering: A. Walter in Abbey Road Studios London
    Sound Engineer: Stanislav Baroch
    Producer: Jan Hasenöhrl

    Total time: 49:37


    CNSO 040

    Price:  199 CZK
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    G. Holst / CD

    The Planets

    Suite for Orchestra, Op. 32
    Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uran, Neptun, Pluto (Colin Matthews)

    CNSO / Paul Freeman, conductor
    Zdeněk Tylšar - French horn
    The Prague Chamber Choir (Female Voices)
    Lubomír Mátl, choirmaster

    Recorded in Rudolfinum Prague, 2002
    Recording superv. & Eng.: M.Slavický, J.Kotzmann

    Total time: 61:59

    OUT 019

    Price:  199 CZK
    The price includes VAT and Postage

    Mussorgskij/Ravel / CD

    Pictures at an Exhibition, La Valse, Pavane pour une infante défunte, Bolero

    CNSO / Marcello Rota, conductor
    Zdeněk Tylšar - solo horn

    Recorded in Rudolfinum Prague, April 2006
    Producers: Chikari Fujii & Jan Hasenöhrl
    Recording Superv. & Engineering: M. Slavický, S. Smejkalová,
    J. Kotzmann & Č. Kotzmann
    Produced in cooperation with Victor Entertainment Inc., Japan

    Total time: 66:26

    OUT 010

    Price:  199 CZK
    The price includes VAT and Postage

    Jazz Eftterrat / CD

    Festival is the Best

    Recorded in Studio CNSO No. 2 Blue Velvet 2005/06
    Producer: Lukáš Chejn
    Sound Engineer: Stanislav Baroch
    Mastering a mix: D. Tanaskovic & M. Berquist in Bohus Sound Studio, Sweden

    Total time: 67:23

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