Subscription sale for the 26th concert season 2018/2019 starts on May 1, 2018.

Closing date for all subscribers is October 31, 2018.

Subscription holder gets 35% off compared to individual CNSO tickets. Holders of the Disabled Identification Card (ZTP) get 50% discount on the subscription.


Order by:

Online order

  • phone
  • e-mail
  • post



ČNSO, s.r.o.
Weilova 2/1144, 102 00 Praha 10
Phone. +420 774 377 523


Payment and delivery options:

  • cash on delivery (Czech Republic only)
  • wire transfer (delivery by registered post)
  • cash or credit card (pick up in person at the CNSO office)

Subscriptions are not available for the area of the choir stalls and the gallery standing area.


Subscription holder gets 30% discount for the Prague Proms concerts, and special concerts organized by the CNSO agency.

Municipal House Smetana Hall plan



I. category 1 560 CZK (save 840 CZK)
II. category 1 300 CZK (save 700 CZK)
III. category 910 CZK (save 490 CZK)
IV. category 650 CZK (save 350 CZK)