4th Subscription Concert
2023 Season Concert Season Classical

4th Subscription Concert

Municipal House, Smetana Hall


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Steven Mercurio, conductor
Jan Hasenöhrl, trumpet



Photo: Luca Rossetti


Steven Mercurio – Mercurial Ouverture
Ennio Morricone – The Hateful Eight (Oscar - Best Original Score)
Bobby Shew – Nadalin
Nino Rota – La Strada
Antonín Dvořák – Symphony No. 8 “English"

The programme for this concert, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of our orchestra, will take a trip back in time to music led by great conductors Zdeněk Košler, Libor Pešek, Ennio Morricone, Marcello Rota and Vince Mendoza. All have dedicated a considerable amount of time to the orchestra, helping to shape its development, while also bringing us the glamour and glitz of Oscar and Grammy awards.

The current pillar of the orchestra is the chief conductor Steven Mercurio, a pupil of Leonard Bernstein, who, in addition to conducting, arranges and composes music. In mid-February of this year, he performed with the CNSO in New York's Carnegie Hall.

For this annual festival, the orchestra will be performing works that were excluded from the twenty-fifth anniversary concert. We hope the selection will enthral you and provide a glimpse into CNSO’s musical legacy. The pieces that have been selected are all tailored to reflect the important milestones in the orchestra’s history. These include Antonín Dvořák's Eighth Symphony, which was performed at the first CNSO concert in November 1993, La Strada which represents CNSO’s first delve into the world of film music, and finally the performance of the Hateful Eight soundtrack, which has so far been the orchestra’s greatest success. To complement this musical journey, director Steven Mercurio selected to perform Mercurial Ouverture as a dedication to the orchestra in their jubilee season. The program will also include Nadalin, a piece by Bobby Shew, who stood at the beginning of the orchestra's collaboration with Vince Mendoza.