REVIENS BÉBEL! | Špilberk International Music Festival
2023 Season Special Concerts Film

REVIENS BÉBEL! | Špilberk International Music Festival

Špilberk Castle, large courtyard


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Marcello Rota, conductor


Hold-Up (1985), Serge Franklin
That Man from Rio / L’Homme de Rio (1964), Georges Delerue
Cop or Hood / Flic ou Voyou (1979), Philippe Sarde
The Outsider / Le Marginal (1983), Ennio Morricone
The Night Caller / Peur sur la ville (1975), Ennio Morricone
The Professional / Le Professionnel (1981), Ennio Morricone
The Man from Acapulco/ Le Magnifique (1973), Claude Bolling

and more

Jean-Paul Belmondo is beyond famous: the rugged film and theatre actor whose disdainful eyes, boxer’s nose, sensual lips and cynical appearance turned him into an icon of French cinema. The CNSO conducted by Marcello Rota (a nephew of the renowned Italian film composer Nino Rota) will bring the melodies of Belmondo’s immortal films to the Špilberk IMF.

Organized by: Brno Philharmonic