Final Concert Altmark Festspiele 2023
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Final Concert Altmark Festspiele 2023

St. Marienkirche, Salzwedel, Germany


Český národní symfonický orchestr
Reinhard Seehafer, conductor


Bedřich Smetana – My Country

The final concert will be the highlight of the Altmark Festspiele festival which traditionally takes place at the Marienkirche church at Salzwedel. The Czech National Symphony Orchestra will perform a cycle of six symphonic poems by Bedřich Smetana inspired by the Czech history, legends and landscape. The concert will be conducted by Reinhard Seehafer.

When taking into consideration such themes as “identity”, “home”, “history”, “war” and “new beginning” this amazing piece gains even more impression.

Organized by: Altmark Festspiele gGmbH