After unearthing DNA dating back millions of years, a group of ambitious scientists attempt to set up a theme park for prehistoric animal clones on a remote, deserted island. The project is backed by millionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough), who just before opening the park to the public, invites a number of people to take a tour including his two grandchildren, a renowned palaeontologist, his girlfriend plus a few other experts. What starts out as a peaceful visit soon turns into a nightmare, however, when in the hope of making a quick buck, one of the park’s employees steels some fertilised dinosaur embryos to sell to a competitor. Keen to make a quick escape from the park, he deactivates the security systems including the electric fencing designed to keep all the animals inside the park. The dinosaurs make it out into the wild and so begins the battle between humans and the Mesozoic monsters.

Jurassic Park inspired a great many children, now fully-fledged adults, to delve into books about dinosaurs. Czech fans will be pleased to hear that before starting filming Steven Spielberg expressed an interest in doing a remake of Karel Zeman’s A Journey to the Beginning of Time and openly spoke of the director’s extraordinary talent. And finally for all the fun-fact geeks out there: Did you know that the children’s screams in the scene when T-Rex forces his way onto the car were for real? The sunroof wasn’t actually meant to cave in…

Tour dates

8. 9. 2018
Great Britain
Brighton Dome
9. 9. 2018
Great Britain
Sage Gateshead
13. 9. 2018
Great Britain
Sheffield City Hall
14. 9. 2018
Great Britain
SEC Armadillo
25. 9. 2018
Great Britain
Plymouth Pavilions
28. 9. 2018
Great Britain
St David’s Hall


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Jessica Cottis conductor