Vince Mendoza Grammy Night
2023 Season Prague Proms

Vince Mendoza Grammy Night

Municipal House, Smetana Hall


Czech National Symphony Orchestra
Vince Mendoza, conductor
Hedwig Ritter, soprano
Alexej Rosík, violin
Antonio Sanchez, drums
Afu-Ra, rap
Jan Hasenöhrl, trumpet
David Fárek, saxophone
Aram Kersbergen, bass


Constant Renaissance, Vince Mendoza
Peace, Joe Zawinul, arr. Vince Mendoza
To The Edge of Longing, Vince Mendoza
(album Freedom Over Everything)
Concerto for Orchestra, Vince Mendoza
(album Freedom Over Everything)
New York Stories, Concertino for Trumpet and Orchestra, Vince Mendoza
(album Freedom Over Everything)

The Czech National Symphony Orchestra’s recording of “Freedom Over Everything” with the acclaimed arranger, composer, conductor, and multiple Grammy winner Vince Mendoza was always going to be a big deal in the Czech music world.

However, when the album was nominated for a Grammy Award, which the American Academy of Arts and Sciences subsequently presented to Vince Mendoza, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra was humbled as well as overjoyed to take the limelight. This was not least due to CNSO director Jan Hasenöhrl’s involvement in the project as initiator and producer, but also given the international scale of its success. The award was given in April 2022 for the track “To The Edge of Longing” in the category of best arrangement, instruments and vocals.

For this reason we have put together a special “Vince Mendoza Grammy Night” concert in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House, with the celebrated Vince Mendoza leading the Czech National Symphony Orchestra to perform a selection of compositions from his award-winning album released by BMG Modern Recordings.