Dear Listeners,

After a quarter of a century working full-time with friends to build the CNSO into its current form, we silently reflect on the passing of time. Hundreds of stages, thousands of concerts, hundreds of thousands of kilometres and hours of applauding audiences rotating before our eyes as we take a trip down memory line. It’s the applause that stands out most however - especially at our beloved Smetana Hall where we gather together most frequently.

We look forward to seeing you and tuning in to your reactions once again at our new twenty-sixth season. High levels of demand abroad mean we aren’t able to deliver as many concerts as we’d like locally, but we will do our utmost to make it up to you during the Prague Proms festival.

During the course of the season, the Czech National Symphony Orchestra will tour Great Britain, China, USA, Scandinavia adding up to an impressive four months on the road. I only hope that absence does in fact make the heart grow stronger. Because without you there really is no point to all that blowing, strumming or beating of the drums…

Jan Hasenöhrl
CNSO Director

25 let ČNSO

CNSO Conductors

Throughout the Centennial celebrations, our music directors will contribute through classic repertoire and future-facing endeavors.

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Municipal House

As a national cultural landmark, the Municipal House ranks among the most prominent Art Nouveau buildings in Prague. It is located in the very centre of Prague, right beside the Powder Gate.

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