Symphonic Cinema CNSO: JAWS
Special Concerts

Symphonic Cinema CNSO: JAWS

Municipal House, Smetana Hall


Ben Palmer, conductor
Czech National Symphony Orchestra



Sandy beaches, blue seas and vibrant skies welcome all those lucky enough to pay a visit to the tourist town of Amity Island. Everyone is blissfully ignorant about the presence of a huge white shark lurking beneath the sea’s surface. The first victim is soon found, followed by another… and another. The town authorities initially try to cover up the whole affair, eventually banking on someone coming along to ‘resolve’ the matter. Three men — ichthyologist Hooper, shark hunter Quint and local police chief Brody take it upon themselves to see off the shark once and for all and head out to sea.

Directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the book by Peter Benchley, this famous film about a dangerous shark saw the director skyrocket to international stardom. The film picked up three Oscars: for its music (John Williams), editing (Verna Fields) and sound effects (John R. Carter, Roger Heman Jr., Robert L. Hoyt, Earl Mabery). And so a new phenomenon entered world cinematography, bringing unprecedented commercial success to Universal Studios and rewarding fans with two further sequels.

Anyone in attendance who has yet to see the film will appreciate the skill of the creators in building the tension to an impressive climax, as evidenced by the reactions of those around them. The screen above the orchestra spans eight metres, just as does the shark…