Symphonic Cinema CNSO: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
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Symphonic Cinema CNSO: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

Municipal House, Smetana Hall

Dear listeners and fans of CNSO Symphonic Cinema,

unfortunately, due to technical issues, it will not be possible to welcome E.T. this time. We will do everything we can to return to the project in the future.

For ticket refunds, please contact us at or +420 774 377 523.


Ben Palmer, conductor
Czech National Symphony Orchestra


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

A spaceship of extra-terrestrials lands nearby a Los Angeles suburb. The peculiar figures head out in different directions to collect samples from the surrounding area with one managing to reach as far as the edge of the forest. Enchanted by the big city lights, he forgets what he had come for. As such he fails to make it back on board and is left on earth.

The extra-terrestrial finds refuge inside the shed of the nearest house where he is found by ten-year old Elliot who introduces him to his siblings. They become friends, but little E.T., the name given to him by the children, is extremely homesick and desperate to get in touch with people “back home”.  But alas his attempts fail and E.T. subsequently falls ill. By this point, he has been tracked down and the sick alien is placed in the hands of scientists. His health deteriorates by the hour until finally he is declared dead. Only Elliot knows that this isn’t the case and that he has managed to establish contact with his home. The children manage to rescue their friend from a remote planet.

So flawless is the music in terms of its programme style and ability to tap into our emotions that if you turned off the sound for the last fifteen minutes, you would have a totally distorted impression. Perhaps no surprise as John Williams clearly didn’t get fifty Oscar nominations for nothing! You can (and likely will) cry by how moving this film is and there’s no need to feel embarrassed…