26th Season


Municipal House, Smetana Hall


Jan chalupecký, conductor


Karel Svoboda – Three Wishes for Cinderella
(Symphony orchestra concert with film projection)

The concert to commemorate 80th birthday of Karel Svoboda.

"Faces smeared with ash, but no it isn't a chimney sweep. A hat with feathers, vest plus bow and arrow, but it's not a hunter, either. A silver embossed dress with a train, but she's not a princess, hmm, Your Majesty."

The Three Wishes needs no introduction, regularly broadcast on primetime TV on 24th December in the original to Czech viewers as well as in several other languages around the world.

Born on 19. 12. 1938, the concert marks what would be Karel Svoboda’s 80th birthday were he still with us today. It is the Prague premiere of Václav Vorlíček’s legendary film featuring live symphony orchestra. The concert presentation of this fairy-tale film came into being in 2015 at the initiative of the Czech music publishing house, ProVox Music Publishing in conjunction with a German concert agency. Each Advent, the famous fairy-tale is shown in many German cities and starting from this year will spread to Austria and Switzerland.

Having composed a great number of successful songs for Czech and foreign artists, plus written the music for a range of original Czech musicals, Karel Svoboda rose to international fame for his film and TV series music and amassed a number of major awards in the process.

Contributing to the making of the film alongside Václav Vorlíček and Karel Svoboda was Oscar-winning costume designer Theodor Pištěk.

In cooperation with

ProVox Music Publishing


Licensed by

Czech Film Fund