III. Concert
28th season

III. Concert

Municipal House, Smetana Hall


Original dates of the concert December 15, 2020 and June 23, 2021.

We will inform all visitors who have purchased tickets for this concert via e-mail or telephone.

Your CNSO team, ticket@cnso.cz


Steven Mercurio – conductor
Guy Touvron, Jan Hasenöhrl, Jiří Houdek, 
Marek Vajo, Jan Hykrda, Jan Fišer,
Roman Kubát, Jan Buriantrumpets
Czech National Symphony Orchestra


Heinrich Biber – Sonata Sancti Polycarpi for 8 trumpets, strings, continuo and 2 timpani
Giuseppe Torelli – Symphony for 4 trumpets and strings​​​​​​​
Ludwig van Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 „Fate“


Many of us, even if just subconsciously, feel Baroque music to be intrinsically tied to the festive season. For this reason the Czech National Symphony Orchestra has decided to dedicate the first part of the 3rd subscription concert to the music of two maestros from the height of this period.

We can look forward to performances by top great trumpet virtuosos as they present Giuseppe Torelli’s Sinfonia a 4 for 4 trumpets and orchestra. Also expected to evoke suitably festive vibes is a composition by Czech native Heinrich Biber composed for eight solo trumpets, timpani and orchestra. Part of the second half of the concert will be dedicated to a CD launch of trumpet concertos, with contributions from the French trumpet legend Guy Touvron who turned 70 this year.

After the break the orchestra will leap more than a hundred years in time presenting one of music history’s most renowned motifs: the hammering of three quavers and a minim. Yes Beethoven’s “Fate” will bring the first half of Czech National Symphony Orchestra’s 28th subscription series to a close.